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Canada Visa

According to the recent Canadian regulations in immigration, all the applicants of Canada visas must schedule an appointment before giving their fingerprints. This may be done online or in person. To give your fingerprint (biometrics), you need an appointment for the Embassy of Canada. Appointments are only booked online.

Steps to Schedule Appointment for Embassy of Canada
To schedule an appointment, first you should create a user account at VFS Global website and then activate your account via the link emailed to you. Depending on the country in which you will give your fingerprint and its date, you need to go through the following steps: 
-    Choose your VAC (visa application center) at https://www.vfsglobal.ca/Canada/  
-    Click on BIOMETRIC ENROLMENT on top of the page 
-    Scroll and click on SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT and go to the page for creating a user account
-    Click on NEW USER and enter the required information and then click on CONTINUE  
-    An email containing a link for activating your user account will be sent to you. Click on the link You will be returned to the VFS page of the intended country 
-    Now you must enter new information such as your intended date and the number of appointments (if accompanied by other person(s)) and the page of appointments in the intended month, with available appointments, will be displayed
-    Choose your appointment date and click on CONFIRM     

Documents Required to Schedule Appointment for Embassy of Canada
To schedule an appointment for the Embassy of Canada you will not need to submit much documents because: 1- you have already submitted the required documents in person or in the online registration, 2- you may schedule an appointment after receiving the Embassy’s email from your officer informing you for giving your fingerprint and this email means that your documents have already been checked. Accordingly, the necessary documents are:
•    Date of Birth
•    Email Address
•    Contact Number

But If you ask the experts of visa section and kite tour to schedule you an appointment for the Embassy of Canada, you should provide them with a scan of the first page of your passport and your cell phone number.