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About Istanbul 
Istanbul is Turkey's largest city and its cultural and economic center. It is the prime travel destination of many Iranians. Istanbul is divided into two parts: European and Asian, connecting them through the Bosphorus Strait and the bridge of Sultan Fate Ahmed. The best time to travel to Istanbul is spring and fall. Istanbul has a long history, but most Iranian travelers travel for entertainment, business and shopping. Its historical and beautiful sites include the Iasiofiyeh Mosque, the Blue Mosque, the Sulaymaniyah Mosque, the Coppa Ballet Museum, the Basilica Cistern, the Hippodrome, the Istanbul Museum of Archeology and more. Istanbul, with its various shopping malls, is very popular among all the shopping lovers around the world. Turkey's İstiklal Street is one of the most crowded and modern streets with various shopping malls, many restaurants and cafes. There are lots of old churches and buildings that give beautiful view to this area. Also, Republic Street starts from Taksim Square, surrounded by many restaurants, shops, hotels and tourist centers. The best place to stay is in the Old Town of Istanbul or Sultan Ahmed with easy access to Istanbul's tourist attractions. You will have no problem in this place due to the abundance of public transport to other areas of the city. Taksim Square is another popular place to stay in Istanbul. There is no need for a visa to go to Istanbul and the cost of an Istanbul tour will vary depending on the amount of services you require. 
The Princess Islands Museum: It has exhibitions at the Isle of Man. The Hagia Sophia Museum, the Greek Orthodox Christian Patriarchal Cathedral, was later a mosque in the Ottoman Empire and now is a museum in Istanbul. Built in 537 at the beginning of the Middle Ages, it was famous for its enormous dome. 
Cruise: One of the attractions of Istanbul is going to the famous Bosphorus Strait and trying one of the Istanbul cruise ships! One of the most memorable trips in is to embark on these luxurious ships. Imagine in Bosphorus, Marble, Black Sea or other beaches, you are sitting on a cruise ship with a cool wind in your face and etc. 

About Antalya
Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for Iranians. In addition to its many historical sites, the country has good weather because of being surrounded by water. Antalya has one of the most pleasant weather in the country with an eye-catching nature. Antalya is an important city on the eastern part of the Mediterranean coast. This city is situated on a fertile and flat ground and it also has beautiful snowy heights. Those who are interested in history will not be disappointed in this city either. The Karaine cave is located in the north of the city that hides the remains of the Romans, the Eastern Roman Empire, and the Seljuk dynasty. By traveling to Antalya you will see a modern and traditional city. Beyond the beauties and attractions of all the cities, there are other important things to consider and know about.
Places to See and Things to Do
In Antalya, besides beautiful and stunning natural sites, there are many monuments to see. Those who are interested in history can visit the many historical sites in this city. Monuments such as the Tomb of Nosrat Hadrianus, Hierapolis, and the Sparrow's Minaret.
Attractions of Antalya
Hira Police Station and Pamukkale - Antalya Mini-City - Thermosos - Perge - Manavgat - Bishnak - Tonek Hill - Carali Oglu Park
shopping centers
Orient Market - Old Market - Antalya Brand Markets - Odzilak Park - Depot – Terrace


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4 nights in Istanbul - 5 nights in Antalya
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